Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Totally Real Assignment Four

Kyden had been furious when he found the poisonous mushrooms, but what could he do now? He and Aislin began to trek their way back to shelter, cleaning up and finding a change of clothes. Aislin began the task of finding some food when they were both confronted by a figure in all black. 

"You! There! I know where you've been! You're coming with me!" the figure shouted.
"Aisin! Run!" Kyden shouted, but before he could go anywhere he was surrounded by a blue fog, and he fell to the ground. 

He woke up some hours later on a tiny sandy island, luckily near the shore in a strange place. Birds soared above their heads. Aislin lay unconscious next to him. Groggy, he waited on her to wake up, hoping she knew where they were.

"No," she had said once she finally woke up, and Kyden's vision was clearing, "If you look at the sky, I don't think we're even on the same planet. Have we been deported? Have the Calethians gone back to deporting criminals?"

"No.... They never did that while Dresden..." he became silent, and there was a period of awkwardness.

"So what do we do?" Aislin asked.
"I imagine we'll be here for a while, so we need to figure out what is edible. While we're at it I guess we can search for signs of civilization, or footprints, etc. We're close to water, so maybe we can stick to the waters' edge."

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