Monday, May 23, 2011

Three Comp Entries

I'm not going to post the stories.. simply because I'm lazy and only one has a story to go with it.  The first is Vampire: The Masquerade.  The second is Timeless Beauties: Calendar Girls, and the last is a comp I just joined called Inspiration.  I think it's like.. exactly what I've been looking for in a comp!  It's hosted by StevieFisher, who has like uber talent in CC making and pics, sooo I imagine I'll get good feedback as well.  Aaannyyway here are the pics:


  1. Oh wow, I just love, love, love that last pic, its beautiful. Have you got the link to the comp - I wanna lurk xD

  2. Oh and one more question, where did you get the dress, i've looked loads of places - I want it for the next canvas entry :)

  3. The dress is from lemonleaf:

    Can't remember which link, sorry!

    thats a link to the comp... you should join.. You'd be epic at it!
    She basically posts a pic, song or something and you make a pic inspired by it.

  4. wow sounds awesome, might consider it :) Thanks for the link