Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Etsy is OPEN!

Yes, yes, shameless advertisement here.  I've finally opened up my Etsy.  I've only listed four necklaces for now.  Here is the link:

They are reasonably priced because I don't use super expensive materials.  I also have tons and tons of beads so I'm just hoping to make a *tiny* bit back of what I've spent ;)

Even if you don't buy, just check it out and tell me what ya think or if you think my pricing is okay ^-^;;


  1. Good prices :) very, very tempted to buy one xD

  2. :o you know you wanna :D hahah j/k

    I might have more stuff up in about 3-4 days after this bit of work :D

  3. I really love - Long Chain necklace with Blue and Black Beads - Me wants it!! I'm such an Etsy junkie, I usually have to keep myself from it because I'm tempted to buy everything.

    Beautiful stuff!

  4. Beautiful necklaces! I have to say if I wasn't so broke right now I'd buy one :)