Sunday, May 8, 2011

Totally Real Assignment Two

I killed her. I never lied about it. It was actually a common practice, but you never ended the life of an aristocrat. Their lives were considered too sacred and important, no matter how much they suffered. Dresden, my wife, suffered from Sheol Fever. It's a horrible illness spreading rampantly through Calethia. My wife suffered through uncontrollable and random muscle rigidity and contractions, hallucinations, and generalized pain. The commoners had the luxury this time, with mercy killings after diagnosis. My wife... I managed to let her suffer for two agonizing weeks then I could take no more. And thus I was sent away from court as punishment.

I sent Xia to live with her aunt while I traveled looking for work where I would be accepted. While on the road between the village of Aren to the town of Gilmaya I stopped to rest. It was a watering hole and shelter from the common energy storms we had. A woman covered in tattoos, someone your culture would consider a gypsy or hippie, came and sat near to me and began making small conversation. Her name was Aislin, and she told me my soul was weary and tired, and asked me why. I am not one to talk to strangers usually, especially ones covered in the forbidden ink, but maybe I was delirious and tired, for I told her my story. Her response shocked me:

"She was exposed intentionally."

"What could you mean?" I asked her.
"Someone... a political adversary... an enemy... someone exposed her to the disease. As rampant as this disease is running, it's very difficult to catch."

"How do you know this!?!?" I asked, shocked.
"It's how my sister died. She was to wed the Duke of Gilmaya. His family did not approve. She began having the fits within a week of the announcement. I can give you more proof, but you will have to trust me and follow me. I have a plan to expose this madness, but I need help."

I sat on my rock thinking, considering just who would want Dresden dead, and a face immediately appeared in my mind. The energy surges (something similar to what you call lightning) stormed around me, my mind frantically considering the possibilities.

"Aislin, I don't know why.. but I believe you. I'll go." 

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  1. I am so behind on visiting blogs!The picture and story are awesome! Miss you, hope you are feeling better!