Sunday, December 19, 2010

Some Competition Entries

I've been a total slacker about posting my comp entries on my blog, which is something I like to do.  Your awesome "Off with his/her head" entry reminded me, Seren so thanks much!  I have quite a few and my Before the I do's is rather long, so I think it will get it's own separate post.  OOhhh what shall we start with?

I think we'll start with the example pic I made for Faerie Folk, because for reasons unknown I really like it xD.

The man didn't know for how long he'd been in the musty, dark, cold room, but he knew it was too long. 
She finally entered again, the demonic beauty that had lured him there. With her came enough light to see his surroundings. Some old, expensive looking draperies framing an even older picture, vines growing everywhere...
Despite the moistness in the air, his mouth was parched and sticky to the point of which he could barely speak.
"Do you need water?" she said in her voice, clear and echoing as a bell.
"Yes, please, please," he begged.
She handed him a cup. He guzzled it down, then handed it back to her, a strange feeling of gratitude for this simple act of kindness and mercy. He looked again at his surroundings, which were getting slightly hazy. The dehydration was setting in, he thought.
He looked at the vines and plant life around him... was it.. moving? Growing inch by inch quickly, and.. was it.. in his direction?
Then, to his horror, vines began to quickly reach for him.. around him, as if to take him in and swallow him as he had the water! 

What next... I joined Arrow's undead comp, but I really hate the entry I did for that, so I'm going to casually skip that.  Ah!  Nature's finest.  I don't have a written part for that, so here's the pic:

And okay, this has got to be one of my faves in a while, although I'm a *tad* worried about her wardrobe.  I am having a blast with Calendar Girls!  Here is India after a few drinks going wild at a speakeasy!

Alright, stay tuned to the next post for Before the I Do's ;)


  1. Ooooo the Calender Girls entry turned out fab! I should have been doing a comp entry today but I decided to resurrect the old blog instead.....spent some time making it purdy.

  2. xD thanks. I think I always seem to have good luck with that comp and my entries. They just come together even though I have not much of an idea what I'm doing going into it lol.