Friday, December 17, 2010

What a judge wants..

I've had this idea, not anything really huge.  I just wanted to get together some people who have some experience judging comps and just kind of compile their input on what they like/don't like in competition entries.  The discussion on editing in faerie folk really made me want to do this even more, but I want your input as well.  Do you think its a good idea?  Where would you want to see it? (Options being here, on cloudTen, or maybe a post on the modeling section.)  If you are a judge and want to share input please let me know! (several ways to get ahold of me.)
I would especially love like example pics for comparison, but please maybe your own so as not to offend anyone.  Thanks!


  1. Well I'll be glad to help as a competitor and judge but umm what is it you're after?
    Lol forgive me, I am quite tired and loopy atm :p

    Whatever it is, I'm on board :)

  2. I've always thought someone should make a ''Guide to good Judging'' on the modeling forums.

    There's tonnes of help for editors, photographers (simotographer site tips) and hosts need to just look over the other comps to see what works.

    But there's nothing helping people become better judges.

    Maybe do a help thread, Start with the basics, following the score card, did they submit what they were asked for etc and then make a list of things you should then look for, that can be commented on in negative or positive feedback.

    Open the thread so that any judges can add things they feel other people miss when scoring or commenting.

  3. I'd be glad ta help ya any way I can Miss Panda.

    I agree with Pk about an open a perfect world..but the EA world we live in, I can see it would just be the welcome place to trolls and mean spirits who have been unhappy with a score they received once upon a time, way back when, even though it doesn't mean shit now.

    Sorry, was I being cynical?

    But if you/ew could keep the thread polite I vote for an open thread as well.

  4. *joins the seren cynical train*

  5. Yeah I kind of am paranoid about the open thread but maybe with a do not feed the trolls attitude it might work. Just gotta figure out what exactly to say lol.