Sunday, December 19, 2010

What do you get when a simmer tries to play WoW?


I'm really enjoying World of Warcraft, and I now have two characters I play.  As of now, Kaleya is still my main.  Here are some nifty stats on her:

It's so cute the way the holidays are integrated into the game.  Amidst the chaos of the cataclysm, there's still time for Christmas cheer:

This is my most recent close up of Kaleya, though now she's got some nifty shoulder pads and such.  I just had to show off her tabbard:

I also started a Night Elf Mage, named Sidrenne:
She's going to  use arcane magic.  Why?  Because it's so pretty.  Yeah I warned you.  A simmer turning to Wow..  What else do you expect?  ANYway I'm on Icecrown.  Send me a PM or something if you want my email for realid if you play :D


  1. well i dont play WoW, but i do play other mmos, and its always nice to know another gamer :)
    im into perfect world, personaly. and like sims, you can totaly customize your character how you want :D

    i never played WoW, ive heard good things about it tho

  2. Christmas ! :D 6 days...6 days !!!
    On the first day of christmas my true love gave to me a partridge in a pear tree. On the seco*cough* Sorreh I got sidetracked.

    Kaleya ! So pweeeettyyy <3
    Big eyebrowns very big eye browns O.o

  3. NOOOOOOOO loosing both you and Sereni to the abyss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'll admit I have been watching over the husbands shoulder, there's cut scene movies all over the place now, and I love them really brings you into the story lines.

    I'm still resisting buying cata and reactivating my account though.

  4. Zeri: I will have to check out perfect world. That is one thing I get frustrated with. There's no good hair for night elves!! lol.

    Hehe PK you know you can't resist bwahahaha

  5. Hey it's SilverDragon :D I love your carachetrs looks :) I'd like to try WOW someday. But ya know it costs... What sever do you play on btw? Just wondering if I ever did play it we could hang out :D

  6. Heya :) I play on Icecrown. :) That would be awesome!

  7. Cool. I was also wondering is there like American servers and European servers? Or are they all toghther? Cause I'm from Europe

    btw, I love your blog :D

  8. Thank you! There are different servers... Blazaxx is only able to play with us because we modded her game D: My husband knows more about that stuff than I do though. :)