Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Journal of Jonathan Karmak

I'm really excited to show off my husband's blog.  I think the creativity of the simming world has rubbed off onto his World of Warcraft adventures.  This really is excellent and fascinating.  It's done kind of like a journal with attached photos.  


  1. I did but I can't comment :( This is what I wanted to say:

    "Whoo PK, 4 the Horde indeed!

    I giggled at the worgen in his armor, sorry! Just looks hilarious. I am forced to buy this xp as I know my nephew will want to abandon his undead mage I've built up for him to play a "wolfie" XD

    Have to admit I've totally lost interest in the whole thing. I'm usually fine with change but it's just too much atm, the UI, also when your class gets nerfed, again.

    I do love this though, your story is so much more interesting than WoWs. And *sigh* pretty graphics <3 "

  2. panda, Hushy my sweetie are downloading wow as we speak !

  3. oohhhh yay! Let me know what realm!! or I can send my realid. I had to use a different email address for some reason. o.O

  4. I'm on oceanic Thauris-wateva lol though my ally is on the us realms, god I cant for the life of me think of the name.

  5. We're on an Oceanic server Idunnothename ( hehe) Oh my sweetie says we're on Aman'Thul server.

    My first impression of the was was better then I thought it would be. I normally like worlds more of the D7D/ Never winter nights and warhammer types. but Wow was ...actually fun.

    We made though shifters and what surprised me was the action packed beginning and the attention to details.

    I liked that the shifter town had a warhammer "feel" to it was well, made a nice transition for me.
    What really got me though was this darn staff my character had. It had skulls and roses and the rose petals actually fell off at random times, and well you all know how much I LOVE detail!