Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mages gone Wild

So I talked Kelle into downloading the 10 day world of warcraft trial, and all morning we've been painting the shires red. (lmao how cheesy am I?)
I made a little human mage to hang out with her and show her what little ropes I know.  We're having a blast.  Here's some more picspam.  (What else did you expect? xD)

Outside of the human starting zone, doing a victory dance after kicking some arse.

Kelle dancing with a slutty giant Santa's helper chick aka "Winter Reveler"
Me getting rowdy at the bar :D
Kelle Standing on a Gryph thingy


  1. Wow did they updated the visuals on the lame starting area armor or something? cause it actually looks pretty lol

  2. Hehehehehehehe so awesome ! The pic of kelle dancin...xD

    Yew is gunna play with meh now, okays? Cuz brad is helpful but mebbe you won't complain about the lag so much >.<

  3. XD yus. Brad said 11am for me right?? Can't wait. I used to have a hunter. Youre making me miss her

  4. LoL!
    I finally had time to go shopping and picked up another game card. So hush is back on WoW!
    But looks like I'll have to create an ally(nooooo!) to hang with you gals :)

  5. PK,i saw you ask me what server I'm on, I can never remember. i think i posted it someplace, maybe even here.

    but ya know what?! Amber found me by typing in my email. sereniticat@gmail is my email, I'd love for you to add me, but only if you like.

    Amber,Kell, it looks like you two had a great time, I'm sorry i had to go to bed and miss all the fun.

    i didn't get any lseep anyway cause of the pain, but work was lovely and there were gifts waiting for me, how sweet what that? There were treats and champaign as well ( not for my return but for Christmas0 but i didn't eat or drink any cause my tummy and that area are just too raw, but it was jolly and festive and will continue the part at work for the next two days.

    I'm not sure why I'm telling you all that!

    The pics are lovely, i need to find the screen shots I've taken, if only I had Brad to refresh my memory as to where he said they were LOL.

    Oh, my sweetie is still thinking of rolling over there, we're both pretty shy when it comes to mixing with other in games, but he is thinking about it because you made it sound so no pressure panda.

  6. Earlier than 11 am works ;) cuz school is over for me(I'm just not going in the last 2 days hehe) but I do has an issue that you are gunna hafta help meh with D: it's very sad :( it also might mean I don't has my hunter(whom I love) *is very sad*

  7. Yeah when I activate my account again I'll add everyone's emails for the real ID friends list thingy.

    I WAS going to roll on whatever server you and Brad were on Seren, but it looks like everyone is hanging out on Icecrown so I'm gonna roll my alliance character there....since I'll be playing Horde on Silverhand.

  8. Hehe PK, i there there's been a wee mistake there. Brad is Amber's husband, Cam is mine.

    I'm on an Oceanic server cause of Ping and battleground. But We are thinking of having IceCrown characters as well.

    Cam is a little worried if we join you all our play style may not match yours.

    i'm tellin ya the man is INSANE when it comes to quests. i think it must be OCD.

    i stopped to tell Amber a whisper and I looked up and Cam was all the way accross the map telling me in person ( as he sists right here ) to "Get a move on" LoL

    Gotta love em!