Sunday, April 3, 2011

Nature's Finest Finale

Wish me luck!  Good luck also to Kelle and Starling.  Also thank you, Mojot.  I've had so much fun in this comp!!!


  1. I've already told you how gorgeous this is....but I'll say it again...gorgeous


  2. oh my god amber that is amazing! you totally have it in the bag. no doubt about it lmao

  3. You never know! I think you've got it in you!!

  4. pfffffttttt even if i turned in a kick ass picture they would still pick you because you've been doing kick ass this whole comp and you deserve it. rightfully earned title with your PWNAGE pictures lmao your pictures have been freakin amazing in this comp amber, like Cel Quality! lolol

  5. This is a great looking picture - much better than the theme/idea I had for my FF Touch photo (this reminds me of it a little, but then again a lot of fire & water pictures do lol).

    And no more of this "Cel quality" BS -- Amber has a quality all her own!!!

    Good luck to both of ya!!