Saturday, April 23, 2011

I am a bead hoarder.

Warning:  Major Pic Spammage

Finally got a chance to do some more beading.  I apologize for the poor picture quality.  Was too lazy to dig out the camera so I used my phone.  Besides the phone can upload directly to photobucket which is major awesome.

Anyway this is what I've done tonight:

This necklace is one I had already made but it was too random and therefore laid funny, so I fixed it.  Not amazing but a little better:

Next on the list was the steampunk one I had bought findings for forever ago, and just couldn't figure out how to put it all together.

Some of the parts:

The necklace:

Yeah I know, it's rather weird but idk with just the right outfit it could be pretty nifty.

Anyway next I wanted something a little softer, so I went with some pastel pink and uuhh aqua? green? something...

I also made a set.... A rainbow mother of pearl set.  <3
I'm not like in love with the pendant, but I had already restrung it like twice due to technical difficulties and I do plan on actually making more of these.. whether rainbow or just two alternating colors:

And thats as far as I got, but here is some randomness:

I absolutely love this thing, and maybe one of these days if I have enough to sell at like a festival or maybe a flea market it can totally be used as a display.  Wish i'd gotten more lol.  It's like a coat hanger for jewelry.

I was going to post pics of all my beads int he containers that I had posted in chat, but realizing the pics didnt turn out so great and Kelle wanted me to label the beads but im too lazy at the moment.  Also not sure I'd ever have time to make what people suggested. lol.  But it was pretty uh.. almost disturbing how many I had lol.  Aannyyway hope you enjoyed and sorry for the massive amount of picspam.  Really though if I continue I might open up the etsy before too long.  Make some of this money back!


  1. Ooh! I LOVE the steampunk-ish one! I have a shirt that it would go fabulous with!

  2. Aye the steampunk one is awesume! And I quite like the rainbow one too :D

  3. :D thanks! They'll prolly both eventually go on etsy lol *wink wink*

  4. dammit.. woman.. give me that rainbow one right NOW! I NEED IT! can you take the charm off of it or make me one with just the rainbow beads? I will seriously pay you for it.. I cannot even get over that thing!!!! I WANT ITTTTTTTTT

  5. put it on etsy i dare you.. you can ship that thing right to my front door kthxbai.

  6. I hope you realize I had already planned on making you a cooler one. I know you better than that. xD (thought about these awesome silver spacer beads... I'll get in touch with you and show you to see what you think)

  7. And actually I had you in mind when I made it ;)

  8. ps i wore that awesome black and pink one you made me to my anniversary dinner tonight! It was soo pretty with my outfit!