Friday, April 1, 2011

Masquerade: Impulse

Above all else your identity as a vampire needs to be kept a secret; under no circumstance are you to reveal your true nature to the mortal masses; these laws are in place for your own safety and well-being but that doesn’t necessarily mean that everybody follows them. What does the Masquerade mean to you? Do you believe whole-heartedly in those laws or do you like to flaunt them. Show me how your vampire upholds the Masquerade… or doesn’t 


I had a hard time with the written part of this...   And I want to thank Cel for putting up with me and my 892437 pics and for the great advice :D


I suppose my own knack for being impulsive is why we're here. I smelled the blood, had to follow the scent to that open bathroom window. Ah, what a shame, she'd drained most of her blood herself and it pooled on the wet bathroom floor. And then an amusing idea came across my mind. I pondered on the humans who love the idea of us, the idea of immortality and prolonged youth, and this beautiful girl before me has attempted to end her life. What would it be like to give immortality to someone who didn't want to live another day? And on an impulse, I fed that notion. Her pulse thin and thready, most of her blood gone, I forced her to feed on my arm.

How did my experiment go? Hah. Even for a Brujah like me, Carmen is exceptionally angry. She resents me especially, but is fond of Joshua. That first month we spent teaching Carmen about the Masquerade and the right way to acquire a meal was a complete waste of time. Joshua argued that she was just hungry, and that I just didn't remember how strong the hunger is when you are new. However he is much older than me, and although I had a hard time, I never blatantly ignored the rules. Joshua and I spend most of our time cleaning Carmen's messes and attempting to enforce that she feed in the shadows, on the poor humans that will not be missed. (Yes, they do exist.)

At current, Joshua and I are trying to figure out what to do with the rockstar. Yes. I opened the door to her bedroom to find her feeding on the guitarist from the show we had seen the night before.

"An overdose," Joshua says, as if its that easy, but it doesn't explain the huge, gaping laceration on his neck. 

edit: I loved this pose because it looks like she is about to wipe her mouth off and she's just kinda like "...what?" xD

Some extras:
These two are pprreeetttyyy much the same but one has a plain background.  I LOVED the idea but I couldn't get over how funky her arm was and had no idea how to fix it:

AAnnndd messin around with poses got me this little uuhhh perverted number:

Had a lot of fun working on this!  Thanks again 329874 times for the help, Cel!

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