Friday, April 29, 2011

My First Machinima

I don't know why before I couldn't get Windows Movie Maker to work with my sims 3 videos, but it does now.  I was looking at a few camera tutorials and I decided to mess around and this is the product:

Just a warning, there's no awesome plot or amazing set or anything.  I just had a bunch of sims dancing basically.  I'm still kind of diggin it though.  Lol.  The lip sync is off some in spots but whatev xD

p.s. Idk why the quality is so crappy.  It's not that way on my computer D:


  1. cute ^.^ and well done taking the machinima plunge!!

  2. [p.s. Idk why the quality is so crappy. It's not that way on my computer D: ]

    What? The quality is perfect!

  3. Cool machinima! Love the song too. :) I agree with spychip, the quality is great....and your graphics too.

  4. Maybe it just looked funny when I first uploaded hehe. Glad you guys liked it :D

  5. *claps* that is so awesome for your first try!! Ican see some great things coming from you in the future!