Saturday, April 9, 2011

House plans

Coming to a decision today.  Hubby and I have been looking at some houses for sale, and one thing that we both have kind of realized is that we need to put a lot of work into this one.  Honestly I'm realizing I'm on here way too much anyway and I just need to start focusing on keeping up my home and my body.  We're either going to buy a new house and will need to clean this one up or we will stay here a while longer which will also involve us making an attempt to rearrange things in order not to feel so.. cramped.  (I am also sorta begining to think about starting a family.)  Why am I saying this?  Like I said I really need to cut back on my time here.  I'm not dropping anything, but I think I'm going to finish my assignments for this issue of Sensation and then resign.  I'll finish my comps, and I will still start Canvas, but other than what I'm finishing out, I'm only going to be a contestant in one comp at a time so I can focus on other things.  (My home, beading, my husband, and maybe getting fit.)  I love you guys to death, so just wanted to say don't take it personally if I'm not around *quite* as much.


  1. :( bittersweet! I am both sad and happy! It has become so routine, I am going to have Amber withdrawals! It is hard to have long distance relationships and the internet is your connection. Please just promise you will stay in touch!
    Though we have never met in person, I consider you to be one of my dearest friends! Strange how that happens, who would have known that people could get close using a computer. It is amazing how so many of us have made good friends this way.
    Anyway, I know how important it is to get your house and yourself in order, the computer is addicting and can destroy your life. Besides I want a little Brad or Amber! With lots of RL pictures!
    Actually reading your blog made me a little emotional, not sure why? *grabs tissue*
    Guess I will miss ya!
    Please post pictures of your house hunt!

  2. Aaaaww... I'm still going to be around some!! I just can't stay in chat hours at a time like I do. And I just know I'm going to be busy. I know if I get a few days off there's no way I'm not coming in to chat for a while lol. *hugs* But yeah I think I should make myself "do my chores first" lol. xD

    I agree though, we've become extremely close and I'm very grateful for it... You're a better friend than I could really ask for. *hugs*

  3. That is exactly why I'm not on chat all the time and sometimes are missing for days/weeks on end, because while I love you bitches you're like black holes of time lol....soon as I start yapping hours disappear lol

    But that's the great thing about the blogs, we can keep in touch even when life is too busy to spend a lot of time shooting the breeze in chat.

  4. lol pk we love you to xD rofl

    amber i think imma have amber withdrawls to! lol i understand tho, and i want to see little brambers running around to!! lol xD so sell that house, get that new one, and make babies dammit!! xD love you! <3 if i were there i would totally come over and help you :D