Monday, April 18, 2011

I Gave In/New Blog Header?

I gave in and downloaded the pose player.   Uuuhhh gotta admit I'm happy.  I haven't downloaded any poses yet.  Anyway I'll show you a photoshoot.  One is before I downloaded the pose player and these decorative in game birds I found...   I'm kind of diggin the second one with the in game birds (even though they aren't the highest quality) and I'm thinking of using it as a new header and the inspiration of my new blog theme.  Thanks Sun and Cel... for posting those awesome vids and inspiring me to do a "just because" pic.

Before Pose Player/Birds:
The birds in the pic are gimp brushes.

After Pose Player/Birds:

Obviously the angle and stuff helps too...  xD


  1. It looks amazing!
    What is the pose player? It looks interesting...


    It makes modeling pics SOOOO much easier!

  3. The header looks AMAZING - and I didn't know there were in-game birds o_O niiiiiice

  4. I'll hafta find the link for ya. They're on TSR =/

  5. Ooh that's so cool! Will be downloading in the near future ;)

  6. It is such an awesomesauce picture. And I have to say I prefer it over the old banner. Nice work.