Sunday, July 24, 2011

Beach plans for next year (real life stuff)

Was on the phone with mom this morning and we decided that next year we are going to the beach together. Just us. She has never been. We also want to fly there together because she has also never flown. So incredibly excited!! Wanted to make a post with a list of things I can't wait for mom to experience at the beach. They may sound boring, but to me it's just simple pleasures at a world away from home/work.

1. Sleeping with the sliding glass door to the balcony at least partially open so you can hear the waves.

2. Chilling on the balcony at night (perhaps with a drink) just staring at the ocean.

3. Eating breakfast at some weird but cute themed cafe. (example the Lost Dog cafe at folly beach)

4. Not eating at a single huge chain restaurant.

5. Looking for interesting sea shells after the tide.

6. Eating or drinking at the hotel restaurant and complaining about how overpriced the food was.

7. Having frizzy beach hair and not caring.

Anything I should add to the list for my mom's first visit to the ocean?

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  1. You should go to cornwall ;) you can get all the things on you list there x)

  2. Hehe. Would be awesome but it's prob gonna be somewhat low budget so no leaving the country. Maybe someday though

  3. I love going to the Beach. We have a ton around here. =)
    I recently had the adventure of going to an empty Beach at night. It. was. awesome.

    The tide had gone back a whole lot and so you could see the sea critters in the sand.

    When I hotel and Beach I love waking up early and then going on the balcony and seeing the dolphins.

    Don't forget to shift for sharks teeth depending on where you are. That's fun, too.

    Have a good time on your trip, hope your mom enjoys her first Beach visit! =D