Thursday, July 28, 2011

Static Assignment Three

In terms of relations with other planetary governments, the Voltecs had an uncanny ability to maintain peace. They had to. They had a major weakness, being their need to protect themselves from their own atmosphere. However, vast underground cities were built and waiting for the time when disaster did strike.

Chiana fled from the violent turbulent sky as soon as she saw the breaks in Biodome Number 424. She didn't look back at the beautiful but turbulent sky filled with explosions.


  1. So wish I had had time to join this when sign ups were open.....and had the time to continue it too lol

    But I think I'm going to join Simmys new comp, I should have enough time now, and I'm going with something sci fi hehe

  2. hehe I wish I had time to join THAT one xD but right now I'm barely going to make what I've got work :(