Friday, July 1, 2011

For Sun :)

You see her around ts3 as Sun2401.  She's been an awesome friend to me for a long time now, and we seriously have so many memories together, soooo though it's nothing in comparison to the friendship she's given me and great advice, I wanted to do something (as I have for some of my other friends) for her.

I really wanted hers to be special though so I sorta.. well I didn't scrap the first one...still gave it to her lol but wasn't happy with it so I made another xD  

Just thought I'd picspam it though, kuz I'm pretty happy with it:

These are the earrings that kinda go with it and the first necklace:

And the first necklace.. it's not bad.. just nothing like.. great:


  1. I wear the necklace you made me quite often when I go out actually :D

  2. i would wear my bracelet more but the only time i really go out is to work D: ill start wearing it more when i get home! :D <3 and yeeahh i know kinda slow commenting here <.< >.>

  3. JK, so sorry that I missed this! I have been so bad checking blogs and keeping up with mine! If I had known, would have been here sooner! The jewelry you made for me is very special to me b/c it was created by you, I showed it off to everyone! You really warmed my heart. Love you lots <3