Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Static Future Modeling

Okay so Early was awesome enough to say I could join Static if I did the assignments.  I wanted to make sure the contestants were okay with it, but I went ahead and made my model and did the two assignments.  If people don't want me in, then they'll just be "piggyback" assignments.  Anyway here's the model, bio and Assignments One and Two:

Model Name: Chiana 1024
Model Bio: Chiana is the daughter of a wealthy lord in the city of Volta. Her father's empire isn't exactly the cleanest, and Chiana 1024 has her place in matters as one of the top assassins. Though her father would rather see her behind a desk, he's proud of her accomplishments and her dedication to the family.
Model Headshot (On White Background): 

Ugh looking at it now I guess I could have gotten the background whiter.  Sorry Early =/

Anyway... Assignment One:

The sky, a vivid magenta at night, the ground covered in an almost glass-like grainy material, not far away from sand, Chiana's world was beautiful, but untouchable. Their lives were spent in safe haven buildings that protected them from the gaseous environment that had been livable thousands of years ago.

Chiana rests on her bed, clearing her mind before the day's tasks. Solemn, undisturbed. Beautiful, but untouchable.

Assignment Two:

The Voltecs are generally people of technology, however when faced with crisis or war, a trend of mysticism spreads rapidly. Some critics of their culture claim it is a pointless plea for their planet to take them back in, making it safe for them once again to step outside of the corridors and buildings they are combined to. However some consider it in the light that some of us consider yoga: something to ease the spirit and mind. This is Chiana's view, and she frequents the Temple of Dasai even when it's not "in season" to clear her conscious.

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