Sunday, July 10, 2011

Simagination (And the Mythology Competition)

I decided to join Mythology (Evie's new comp) and therefore the Simagination forums.  I think I really like it over there.  I'm not like.. big into fashion.. I like the more artistic side of sim comps, and this site seems to embrace that...  
For example I like pics with more of a focus on deep, gorgeous imagery rather than fashion.
Sooo anyway just kinda sayin you guys should join and check it out:

I did join Sims Next Top Model because I don't do a lot of fashion, I think it will stretch my boundaries a little bit :)

Anyway here is my first pic for Mythology:

Assignment: Courage


  1. Trying to limit my fan site joining atm (there's so many out there atm), end up spending more time checking and reading all the forums and blogs than actually playing my game lol. I'm being good about not logging into chatboxes now too, I can loose hours if I do lol

    Great picture though! I might have to lurk that comp :D

  2. Looks great! *goes and checks out Simagination*

  3. I love this pic!
    There's always something about your pictures that I love. Your quality is always fantastic :)

  4. dddaawwwww Thanks! That means a lot coming from someone with your talent <3