Sunday, July 4, 2010

Glassbury Legacy

After a cocktail of motrin, hot tea and some dayquill I'm able to finally look at a computer screen. :D I've been trying to play a legacy.  I've never really committed to one before.  I had to reinstall when I had my "Mint" legacy.  So Here I begin my Glassbury Legacy.  I has pics. Let me shows you my pics :)

Desiree, My founder

Desiree with hubby Gabriel, a tourist from France

And the two possible heirs:

Nicole... no idea where she got the blonde hair

Cedric, who actually grew to child with female hair and fairy wings:
Doesn't look too happy about it, either, does he?

I'll post pics as teens.  Still undecided on the whole next comp thing, but I'm leaning towards cycle two of Hitched :)  Would like to have 1-2 other judges, so let me know if you are interested :)


  1. I wanna judge I wanna judge I wanna judge.!!!! Oh pick me!

    Umm I mean, I may be interested in judging..hehe

    Panda, I don't think any guy would be happy to be dressed as a fairy....hehehe Great pics! I love your family!

    ..and I WANNA judge!

  2. Alright I will count you in :D

  3. *cough* pick me *cough

    She's purdy!

    I was thoroughly confused when I saw a townie kid and picked her as a wonderful partner for one of my legacy boys. But when I went to give "Amy" a makeover, turns out she was male o_O

    I'm just starting to get back with my legacy and Lyle & Saph's save file. Stuffs missing thanks to my uninstall of HELS.
    Didn't think that one through lol

  4. nice blog sorry i just needed to say hi

  5. Roflmao @ the poor kid & hushfirefly. XD I've had this real life family I made that I know. For the past 3 times i've made them the boy turns up as a crossdresser. Also the gene mixing isn't that good if Gabriel is the father. Lol if I were him i'd be watching her... BG