Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Unattended Update...

Okay so I was sort of proud of my effects I attempted, but as in many competition entries you don't get to see the level of detail in the finished product, so I'm going to post a few pics from the unattended "blooper reel"

I just love custom content makeup.  I'm hoping some of this will help with gothique.  By the way, this is Saffron's mother, and I made her by having Saffron and Vincent from Simiverse have a baby in CAS :D  I changed her skintone and hair though. :)  Pretty other than the blood right?

I didn't include this shot (even though I like it) because if that car hit that tree at 60mph as in the story, it would not look like that.  I couldn't find the junk car in the game to put there.  If anyone knows where to find a junked or wrecked car PLEASE let me know.  I've wanted one on several occasions.

You may notice some irregularities in my characters' homes in the future.  I shouldn't point a big arrow to this, but only Cameron's home was saved in my reinstall.  :(  So anyway, this is Saffron's new kitchen.  I love it and want it hehe.

Thinking of changing the settings on the Unattended blog to warn of the content.    Anyway, here is Chapter Seven.


  1. After reading the chapter, I kinda like the blooper pic better.
    Just so much more dramatic... but yea, a perfectly fine car lol

  2. I know it really is. I really really need to find a CC crashed car =/

  3. I found unnattended as you can see. But this page is full of lies!! :p I thought this was chapter 8 or sumthing. Anyways excited for the next chapter. Bg