Friday, July 23, 2010

Vote Beggars: Seriously?

I've acquired a new pet peeve.  I may be part of the problem, having a poll for my competition, but I think there is a major difference.
I hate when I am in a chat box, or go into a chatbox and see that there is or has been someone there who is rarely there and this is the extend of their conversation:

"Hey guys! Long time no chat! Hey I'm in the finale of such and such comp will you vote for me? here's the link? Oh man i gotta go! See you later!"

I don't even care if you vote for your friend because you want to do something nice for them. That vote is at least SOMEWHAT earned because you've been a good enough friend to that person that they want good things to happen to you.  (I hope that makes sense.)  I know people have done it for me and I appreciate it, but the last thing I want is for people to feel like they are obligated to vote for me.  I want people to feel free to vote for who THEY want to win.  That's why I made my poll anonymous.. I'm hoping that helped.

So please don't come and BEG for votes from people you otherwise wouldn't give a second glance to.  Anyway competitions for me are more for the fun and community sharing aspect... Basically I like to look at the pretty pictures, I like to create, and I've gained a ton of amazing friends.  If I win, that's just an added bonus.


  1. Sigh. It's just a popularity contest to those people.

  2. Hey nice site you have here JK! :D Kinda lost trying to find unattended. :/
    I'm ashamed to admit i've voted for someone once cuz they asked. :( Felt bad for the others. But asking for votes doesn't even show that you have confidence in your work. Oh this is BG! Can't find out how to be myself on here.

  3. lol I've done it too.. but it puts me in a weird spot when people ask. Glad to see you stopping by :)

  4. Hehe I have no room to speak since I spam voted for you the other day. If I hadn't had to teach a workshop, I would have kept right on doing it too.

  5. There is still a difference! You did it of your own accord and I didn't ask you to ;)

  6. Well to be fair I did actually like your pic the best.

    I thought MPK's pics were quite clever and really really brilliantly executed but being a sci-fi movie fan it was your pic that moved me.

    On a side note, have you seen the Hitched entries?! Whoah so good ! Now I know what it feels like to be you. I respected your judging before but now I'm just in awe that you judged all those rounds yourself..and that you'd done it so fairly.

  7. The hardest part is having original comments for each person. Not just "it was nice"

  8. hehe yeah. I want to try to be helpful but at the same time you feel bad picking apart something someone worked on and put effort into.

    I just try to keep in mind that when I am a contestant I would be upset if I didn't have anything to go by on how to improve for the next round. I'm sure you guys are going to be excellent judges though :)