Saturday, July 10, 2010

Glassbury Update:

I am thinking of doing some small narrated story-like updates on my legacy family, just to kind of help exercise my writing and maybe help with my bit of writer's block.  Not going to focus this blog on them.  Anyway right now I'm going to just show you a few things.  Might start the actual narration stuffs tomorrow or Monday.

This is their home so far.  It's looking so much better than theone wall, toilet, fridge and bed Desiree started with:

And I think this is my fave dining room I've ever done:

Living room: (Sorry guys, I enjoy building/int design)

This is Cedric, who will probably be my heir:

And Nicole:

I'm thinking of getting Desiree preggo again :)


  1. I've always wanted to get into interior design but my high school was pretty crappy with telling us what we could after, so I had no idea about that or graphical design :( It's my main reason for playing the sims. CAS is just fantabulous! No matter how many times I'm just playing a premade for a few secs or a comp, I can't stop myself CAS everything in site!

    Lol I hate that. You start to think, hmmm I wonder what their next kid would look like... I wonder what hair and eye colour they would have...

  2. lol Same with me! I totally got her preggo by the way. :o and she's going to be an elder right after she gave birth.

    My high school sucked with that as well. Like I kinda didn't realize there was more to a hospital than doctors and nurses till I stepped into one for clinicals. I might have gone into radiology! Just never *thought* about it. Oh well. lol