Monday, July 26, 2010

Simiverse Cycle Three Assignment One

Aislin was so nervous about her first show, it felt like she was losing everything.
"Where on EARTH is that gorgeous couture dress?  This is my first show!" She said, searching frantically through the racks, the clotheshangers screetching noisly across the bar.
You see, this show was quite a big deal for people of the underworld. A fashion show was something new and abstract to them, totally off beat from the mondane usual business of the dark alleyway where the shady figures thrived.

"OKay... Calm down, Aislin," She said to herself, "Well find Em.  She'll know.. It's gotta be totally okay to ask questions, right?"
She knocked on Em's door to find Em with her feet resting on the desk and a smirk on her face.

"Em... I'm so sorry to bother you but the only dresses I can find seem to be from that cheap junior store at the mall. Gotta be honest.. I've never been a fan of zebra print..  When we practiced there was this bea-"

Em interrupted her.
"Sorry, young succubi.  No couture for you. Good luck. By the way, you have about 40 seconds till you're on."

Aislin ran and frantically grabbed some shoes, a random dress of the rack and went on stage.  Of course it had to be the zebra print.

She put her nerves behind her and gained her confidence back only to be bewildered again.  Luckily the gorgeous Gothi-vintage style bikini was still there for the swimsuit show, or so she thought. When she saw the other girls freaking out she knew this was another twist.
"No matching bikini's huh?"  Then a spark of an idea hit her. Aislin knew that the audience to this alleyway fashion show was filled with loonies and shady characters who really just wanted to have a good time, so she grabbed a bottom and accessories (one piece for each color of the rainbow), threw it on and rocked the house.


  1. Yay, comp pics!!! Beautiful, and well thought out. Glad I didn't join, you would've beaten me!

  2. For some reason I want a doll of her to hug. She just looks soooo cute >.<

  3. Panda, you really really outdid yourself for these shots. I LOVE them so much ! I love Hush's shots too, booooooooy are we all in for it this cycle or what?! That Smash is gonna be a hard competitor too, I think.

  4. Lol there's too many talented pple in this comp. It's insane!!!

  5. Jk, I have seen you grow so much in your pics since we first me! You have such a good eye and are very creative. I am kinda jealous! I am routin for ya!

  6. Aaww thanks Sun! You really have too! (but they were great to begin with.) No reason to be jealous. You are someone who inspired me to put a little more detailing into mine :)

  7. WOW! O__O I love this. Did you download this lot? If so, where is it from?

  8. O_O You did a great job! :D That's amazing! Do you still have it? If so, I'd love it if you'd upload it! It's a nice lot. ^__^ I think I have most of the CC pictured in it, except the clock.

  9. I can try :) i have to use it for the next pic :D might have some random sims in it hehe

  10. ^__^ Cool! Post a link if you do. Or tell me if it's in your Studio. :D I will download and rec if it is. ^____^