Monday, July 19, 2010

Glassbury Legacy Narrative

This is just an exercise for my writing, really.

Nestled in the upper hills of Riverview lies the Glassbury home, modest in comparison to the massive mansions surrounding it, but quite nice compared to it's meek and humble beginings.  Within it lives the Glassbury family: Desiree, Gabriel, Cedric, Nicole, and Calvin.

"Fashionista, huh?" Desiree left work slightly worried about her new promotion.  Her hand was cramping from cutting hair and her brain was fried from trying to satisfy the pickiest of customers.  If they wanted to choose everything themselves, then why were they paying her?

She sets down to relax with husband Gabriel and daughter Nicole in front of the television when Gabriel asks how her day was.
"I got a promotion, and I made a lot of money.  It seems like the clients are happier when I just pick random crap."
"Well I'm glad to hear that because I went a little over budget today on the dining room," Gabe said, pulling her closer and rubbing her shoulders, hoping she wouldn't be upset.  
"Come take a look?"

And how could Desiree be upset?  It was gorgeous. The big empty space for sure looked more inviting and calming than she could have imagined.  Not to mention they were no longer using outdoor furniture inside.  Besides, with her new promotion, she would easily earn the money back the next day.

Nicole stared at the new vase of fresh picked flowers after eating her breakfast.  Should she really be upset?  She was the oldest, and she wasn't even sure, but she just had a feeling that when the time came, she would be the one leaving.  When Cedric came down and attempted to prepare his breakfast, she started feeling like she had less to worry about.

Surely they woudn't trust this house to someone who can't even heat up some waffles.  Not very stiff competition.

Later in bed Desiree and Gabriel start discussing their future.  They had planned on limited children, but now that she is earning more and Cedric and Nicole are growing up, she's missing having a little one.

"Maybe we can leave it up to chance," Gabriel suggested.  And they did......


  1. I totally agree on the stylist career. My test legacy for Amb just keeps getting the same sims that I've already made over. Now I just ignore them, I put in so much time and then I have to redo it just cause EA's programming can't come up with new customers.

    I'm loving the little legacy updates ^.^

    On a health update, my flu blanked out the part of my brain that remembered my sister is an awful cook and I accepted soup from her. As with all of her cooking, I now have food poisoning. I considered driving to the hospital to have my stomach pumped but I'm riding it out like a big girl.

    I hate making you guys wait for me, really all I need to do is a little editing and that's it but being on the comp is just making my head all fuzzy :'(

  2. By the way you later in the career you can find people out in town and do the assess style needs then.. something else and you make more money and make over who you want, but still.. ugh.

    Anyway be sure to get plenty of fluids!