Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gothique Assignment: Wrath

I see here my sweet sister
Barely breathing
But the last air she will breathe
Is filled with your vile gasses.

Your wicked taunts filled the air
and echoed in these halls.
But no more!  
This place will burn for this!

Your self-important ways will cease.
You care not about the lives of others.
God may be forgiving,
But I am not!

My dearest sister often wondered,
How do these fools sleep at night?
Tonight, my friends,
You will sleep, but dream no more.


  1. consequences will never. be. the. same...

  2. How the hell did you get her to float like that?
    I'm so envious of the goth thread, though not about writing poems XD

    @Casey: Is that in relation to that Jessi Slaughter video with her dad? If it is then I echo JKs LOL!!!

  3. it had a little something to do with constrainfloorelevation false (i think), moveobjects, and tons of patience. Yeah its the Jessi Slaughter vid :D

  4. yes the constrainfloor, that's it! I remember bookmarking a tut on it but it must have been deleted.