Monday, July 19, 2010

Legacy Wedding

When I played Sims 2 I used to love attempting to have pretty weddings.  Since I've been playing Sims 3, I haven't really done that.  I decided though with my first legacy heir, to throw a huge wedding bash.  I wanted it to be absolutely gorgeous and I wanted some gorgeous screen shots!  So here they are!

Warning: I have a LOT!

Nervous bride (Her name was Kerrie something and I think she was a repair person lol)

I love the way he's looking at her in this picture!

Cedric's little brother Calvin wants to know when he's going to be an uncle... the look on his face tells us that Cedric was caught off guard ;)

Parents of the groom are inspired

The bride and groom hide from the guests for a while and relax :)

Sorry.  I know that was kind of a lot, but I really enjoyed these :D