Thursday, October 21, 2010

I might be finished

I usually try to avoid posting about things of this nature, but if this isn't just some weird temporary thing, then I will soon be finished with the EA forums.  (After my modeling comps are finished.)  This whole awaiting approval from a mod thing?  This is a moderated forum?  Just what are you trying to crack down on now?  I really wasn't super "OMG I hate EA" till now.  I did get slightly annoyed at some excessive bannage, but I didn't really much put too much worry on it.  Now this is just a bit much.  I feel like we're all in a classroom and a 5th grade teacher is constantly yelling for us to "use our 6 inch voices".  I'm done with it.  It's not fun, so why even bother?


  1. Is it weird that I'm not bothered?
    Maybe it's because I've been jerked around by EA so much, I'm just completely numb to whatever they do now.
    After all these comps are finished, I'm going back to concentrating on my stories. So much unnecessary CC and neighbourhoods for comps are taking it's toll on my game :(
    But god there's the new xp to get exited all over, with the dramas, bugs and erased saves.

  2. Oh yeah I know. And I understand totally about the excessive CC and wanting to get back to my stories. I'm kind of mentally checked out on comps. I mean once I get started on an assignment it's kind of fun, but anyway...

    I'm really wondering how the CC skins will do with the new sliders =/

  3. Wow really? moderated posts? Jesus guess EA couldn't get their mods to actually do their jobs properly so now they have to rely on a machine to check everything.
    And heres me thinking I would return to the forums soonish, after the release of late night....maybe not now hehe

  4. PK! *Glomps*
    I'm not sure it might have been a temp thing.. kuz it doesn't look the same now. But it was that way for a little bit today. I haven't tried making any new posts... but who knows.

  5. I'mma not even gonna buy Late Night til after the comps finish. I mean what if I lose everything and every sim like I did with Ambitions? No matter how many times I tried to remake that damn Hansel and Gretel family and they cottage, it kept messing up and failing. So, maybe and that's an iffy maybe after these comps finish, I'll consider late Night..I'll have to re-buy ambitions and HELS though, cause I stupidly used the download buy and have gone through my 5 installs trying to get Ambitions to work * sigh* It all just starts to seem like a hassle.

    Kinda feel like Sims is a bully.

  6. Wow Seren that's AWFUL. I can't believe five installs is all they let you have. I don't think it would take me too long to go through that :(