Monday, October 25, 2010

Faerie Folk Assignment Eight

Gossamer stood in the humid forest taking in the soft sound of the rain hitting the canopy. She took in the scenery of the beautiful, lush forest around her. She noticed the Macaws, in particular, their bodies coated in flakes of rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and brilliant golds. One in particular was perched on a limb and she felt... a fear... and pain.. from it. It looked at her.
"Help me" she received from it, but not so much as words as a general thought or feeling.
"Come," she communicated back.
It clumsily flew to her hand. She hovered her hand around it, concentrating on the injured wing. The blood and fear slowly melted away. She felt appreciation from the bird, and a request to return the favor. A scroll appeared in her other hand, with "I found what I was looking for. I am in the rainforest. Love, Goss" written on the paper.
"Take this to my host. Not all the way. Just pass it along," Gossamer instructed, "And I think I owe you more thanks. I've just found myself." 

She'd been hearing buzz about this Aedan guy that the agency was hoping to recruit, and after seeing him in the office, Gossamer understood why. He was muscular, had dark red hair and these eyes that seemed to keep her own eyes captive. Gossamer was overwhelmed with desire when she saw him.
"I MUST talk to him," she thought, then realized the fact that she was inside a modling agency filled with fierce competition.
"Stop making excuses," she told herself, and walked toward him.
"What do I say? Do I look silly? Will he care about my wings or that.." she was stopped by the fact that she had bumped into something... errr.... someone. HIM.

"Oh, my. I'm so sorry," she said and ran off.
That night she rested her head on her pillow and began to dream.

She was a flight attendant on a long flight, but she couldn't help but to think that her skirt was a little shorter than what the airline might have wanted. She made her way down the aisle checking on the passengers.
"Care for a drink? Hot towel?" she asked a lady with dark hair.
"No thank you."
The next passenger was a familar man, red hair, muscular.... Aedan!
"Care for a drink, sir?"
He had a sly grin, and he was looking her up and down. She felt a chill.
"No, thank you. However do you think it's a bit stuffy in here?"
"Uuumm maybe a little. I can see about.."
"No, no, that's okay. I was just thinking about losing some of these clothes. Would you care to uh... assist me in the bathroom. I wouldn't want you to go out of your way but.."
Gossamer's heart was racing, and she wanted to say no, that he was crazy, but she just couldn't.
"That wouldn't be a problem," she said, He took her in arm, her excitement building up, and they ran together to the small bathroom...


That next day at the agency Gossamer was giddy and happy. She'd managed to remember that little happy dream, and she kept playing it over and over in her head.
"It was soo... real!" she'd thought. Then on her way to a shoot, she saw him again. Aedan. He smiled at her, winked, and said,
"Welcome to the mile high club, Goss." 

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  1. Oh ! Somehow, I missed that you'd posted these here ! I LOVE them !

    Her eyes in the second one are PERFECT and how clever were you? An Airplane ! Good on ya !