Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Simiverse - The Pit and the Pendulum

I put forward my arm, and shuddered to find that I had fallen at the very brink of a circular pit, whose extent, of course, I had no means of ascertaining at the moment. Groping about the masonry just below the margin, I succeeded in dislodging a small fragment, and let it fall into the abyss. For many seconds I hearkened to its reverberations as it dashed against the sides of the chasm in its descent; at length there was a sullen plunge into water, succeeded by loud echoes. At the same moment there came a sound resembling the quick opening, and as rapid closing of a door overhead, while a faint gleam of light flashed suddenly through the gloom, and as suddenly faded away. 


Down - still unceasingly - still inevitably down! I gasped and struggled at each vibration. I shrunk convulsively at its every sweep. My eyes followed its outward or upward whirls with the eagerness of the most unmeaning despair; they closed themselves spasmodically at the decent, although death would have been a relief, oh! how unspeakable! Still I quivered in every nerve to think how slight a sinking of the machinery would precipitate that keen, glistening axe upon my bosom. It was hope that prompted the nerve to quiver - the frame to shrink. I was hope - the hope that triumphs on the rack - that whispers to the death-condemned even in the dungeons of the inquisition. 


  1. These pics are so so so great ! I love the colour and grittiness of them. Her outfit is I must say TO DIE FOR. Fantastic ! I wish you very good luck !

  2. Hey Goss is your new banner! Love it and that pic!

    Great adaptation of Poe. I agree with seren <3 the outfit!

    Want to do mine for me?

  3. Hehe. Thanks :D I sooo love using paint patterns for mud, blood etc. Sorry hush, those two were quite enough LOL