Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's all good in the Berry 'Hood

So I about spazzed when my friend installed Late Night and was livestreaming and realized none of her sliders worked, and at that moment I had a sneaking suspicion it was the UI mod.  Well I've been painfully waiting to install, because I canNOT live without my fawkes skins.
Well today I was snooping around and stumbled across a comment on mysims3blog that said it would still work just as before without the UI mod, meaning if you had a mouse with a scroll wheel then you could install the skins and not need the UI mod.
I am soooo bloody happy.  You just scroll with your wheel to see the skins.  There is no scroll bar on the side, but they are still there I promise.  Here are some screenies for proof:

Sooooo yeah another reason none of my housework is going to get done today ;) ;)


  1. **hugs** Sweet! Are you loving the game??

    Okay - so that means that custom skins DO work with the latest patch? I read some stuff saying that they don't work now. Or do they only work if you have LN but NOT the patch?

    I iz confurzled.... o_O

  2. It works in the sense of both as long as you use JKA's work around. :3

  3. yeah you just can't install the UI MOD that gives you extra skintone slots. JUST the SKINS themselves. :D

  4. Oh and yes. I've gotten nothing done but play this game today :( lol

  5. *throws confetti* Yay! I might be tempted to install when I get it. Though I wasn't that bothered about Fawkes, just the game running altogether with all my saves :S

    Was supposed to get it on my way home today but the casual girl never showed so I had to stay until closing again >:(
    Oh well there's Friday night for shopping =)

  6. Ya know what Hush? In the U.S they can shop 24 hours, they don't have to wait for once a week late night trading.

    I'mma still waiting on this. Oh, I WANT it, but I'm scared I'll lose my comp sims. Also, I stupidly got the downloadable versions of HELS and Ambitions and I had to do 3 clean installs after the original install so that's FOUR of my installs. I just know I'll need to re-buy Ambitions on disc. I don't care bout HELS to be honest. So, I'll need to buy TWO games instead of just the one..and there's stitching stuff I wanna buy. I'm torn

  7. Eeep! Late night trading? o.O

    Wow yeah remind me never to buy a game via download. :( :( And I would say if you are picking only one EP, Late Night would be the way to go!

  8. Also, if you have a laptop with a scroll feature, you can use non-defaults as well. :)