Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Late Night does not like Berries

So I got Late Night already.  I've not installed it though just yet because my friend had to uninstall her UI mod to get her game to work.  Now I'm afraid because my legacy and the whole town almost has the Fawkes skins.  What if the fix for it (either in the patch or in a UI mod update) still kinda messes up the sims you already have with the different skin tones?  Maybe I'm just paranoid but I might lose the Sky legacy.  I'm certainly not patching or installing till after Faerie is over because my model has a fawkes skintone which uses the UI mod.

I know this will be a big deal for the Berry Sweet community, so hopefully it will be fixed fast.


  1. lol I'll be buying it Thurs arvo after work (28th for us Aussies) and I'm won't be touching it until mods are updated and simmers work things out. It's hard but I didn't install Ambitions until 3wks after it was out.
    Good thing I have a whole lot of patience!!!

  2. Hmmm I was thinking the same thing. I'd like to have it just to play..but as I'm still in two comps..what if it messes up my models? i don't wanna remake them. ling ling was never the same after Ambitions.

    i didn't know if I wanted to jump for joy or cry a tad when blaz said no eliminations to fairy folk. hehehe

    it would be a shame for you to lose your legacy Panda.

  3. I'm just not going to install it. Seren I will be happy to see you in the last round, but I think you'd have made it to the finale anyway =P your pics were epic!

  4. It's just like Hitched! I love it that it's us three battling it out <3

    I've made countless mistakes with sims 2 eps without reading anything and I paid the price. So I'm overly cautious.