Friday, October 15, 2010

Craftsman Avenue - House

I decided to make a house for upload to the exhange.  I made a furnished version and an unfurnished version.  They are as follows:


I accidentally wrote in the description of the unfurnished one that it has three bedrooms.  It actually has four.  I didn't use any CC (cept maybe a pattern or two) but there are some store/EP items.

First Floor:

Second floor:


Oh, and by the way my game is doll free. :D :D  Please rec if you download, and comment here if you have downloaded and have problems.  Thanks much!


  1. Oh I will rec the hell out of it ;)

    It's so cute and simple, the style of house I like.

    I should upload a house. Although it would take me a week finalising every rooms decor. Perhaps not :/

  2. lol :D I didnt worry too much about that because I'm addicted to CC wall art and I tried not to use it, so I felt a bit constrained. I also know that if/when I download a home, I usually gut it and make it my own and those who download this might do the same. :D