Sunday, October 10, 2010

Faerie Folk Entry!

Gossamer was only eleven when her family first crossed over to this realm; so young her wings were but tiny nubs that fit beneath her clothing. She was very curious about anything and everything, and when her mother came home from the store with some makeup, she just had to see what it was. She made a poor attempt to put it on, and decided that she looked more like she'd been punched in the face than anything, even though she tried to follow the instructions. Her mother walked in just as she was about to wash it off!! Oh no! She'd been caught! But instead of getting upset, her mom chuckled a little, and they both tried to figure out this makeup stuff together. Perhaps you could say this was the very first moment that inspired Gossamer to model. 

"Cutesy" Faerie pic:


  1. lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove the last pic.

    Did I say the I love the last pic?


  2. lol ty :D I know I'm not being very modest but honestly I am kind of in love with it myself :D

  3. JK, if you said you WEREN'T in love with that pic, I'd tell you to have your head examined -- that's beautiful! I love it -- very ethereal and full of my favorite color!